What we do

Project types (3D)

  • Interior Visualization
  • Exterior Visualization
  • 3D Floor Plants & sections
  • Interior Panoramas
  • Vehicles
  • Product Design

Processing and Project phases

  • Budgets (free of charge)
  • Adjudication and client folder creation. Input of 15% over the initial budget approved.
  • Provision of all data on the project by the client, Autocad projects, type of wood, ceramics, colors, roofs, etc …If you do not want the furniture from my database, you must supply catalogs of furniture or the 3d models from the furniture you want (furniture companies typically have these models).
  • Project implementation (grayscale or black-white) and sent for customer approval of the general model (15% payment if approved).
  • Application of textures and lighting in the project (sending to the client for approval in color images with medium resolution with watermark) (20% payment is approved).
  • Rendering the final images from the project (sending the final images with no post production in Photoshop, in the final resolution and watermarked) (25% payment if approved for post production, or 50% if you do not want the post production).
  • Project delivery to the customer, final images or movies, with and without post production, original 3d model unfurnished if it has not been provided by the client.

Average length:

  • Interiors: 24 a 48 hours (For Interior)
  • Exterior: 48+ hours

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    Hello everyone, My name is Mario Nogueira and I am the Owner / Administrator, but also the main Visualizer at RIP3D.
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    The blog will be written in English once is the best way to comunicate internationally, so please if you can try to do that. Portuguese language is acceptable once is my mother language but please if you can try to write in English.


Thank you
Mário Nogueira (Owner)